The Stone Age


We learned in class that the Agricultural (Neolithic) Revolution caused the beginnings of cities and civilization.  Do you believe we could have the type of society we have today if this had not happened?  What would be different?
Elijah pollard
1/31/2012 06:35:48 am

If we Pass with a D is it still a credit?

Mrs. Fortunato
2/15/2012 09:35:21 am

Yes, I believe so, provided you also passed the SOL and did not have more than 10 unexcused absences, which I believe qualifies you for the credit!

Karen Kilmon
2/2/2012 08:05:52 am

No. Without the Neolithic Revolution I believe that we wouldn't have the knowledge of growing our own food, making pottery, or even being able to communicate with others.

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